Welcome to UNAFORTIS

UNAFORTIS is a Swiss company founded in 2004 and specializes in consulting and IT services. UNAFORTIS has customers in Switzerland and abroad. It represents a motivated and experienced team of complementary talents and combines methodical, professional, technical, social and product-centred capabilities.

UNAFORTIS lays great value on a perfectly harmonized team, as well as on sustainable and quality-centred growth. We follow an implementation-oriented approach in consulting: Not only do we provide conceptual and methodical consulting services, but we also implement our customers' requirements. This result-driven attitude guarantees the success of our projects.

UNAFORTIS Becomes Avaloq Implementation Partner

With over 30 Avaloq experts, more than 25 customers, more than 12 years‘ of experience and over 50 successful projects, UNAFORTIS has grown to be among one of the largest providers of Avaloq-related services in Switzerland. The achievement of the Avaloq Implementation Partner status confirms our resolution to continue along the path we have chosen.



UNAFORTIS WF Visualizer and DDIC Explorer

The Workflow Visualizer of UNAFORTIS is a tool that can graphically illustrate Avaloq workflows. The DDIC Explorer complements the Avaloq Script Data Dictionary with an interactive, flexible and fast way of accessing data dictionaries.


UNAFORTIS as Your Partner in Test Automation

As TOSCA Certified Implementation Partner, licenser of the Infometis TACC/TAMI plug-ins and with 10 Tricentis Certified Professionals, UNAFORTIS will efficiently and successfully implement your test automation strategy. Other services such as test data management, test case implementation and test execution round off our offering in the testing services area.


UNAFORTIS Chooses Only the Best Partners

As implementation partner,  we strive to select the best-in-class providers and collaborate closely with a selected range of partners who offer complementary services to our own. Together, we guarantee an efficient and seamless implementation of your requirements.