Workflow Visualizer

The Workflow Visualizer of UNAFORTIS is a tool that can graphically illustrate Avaloq workflows. A mere click on a button will suffice to generate a graphical representation of a specific workflow and store it as Microsoft Visio file. Once you have generated the Visio file, you can modify the diagram at will and use it in your system's documentation or as a basis for further development.

Your Benefits

  • Analysis of sequences in an existing parameterisation (e.g. Avaloq Model Bank)
  • System documentation (during a project or for the operation and maintenance of a system)
  • Verification of workflow parameterisation (consistency checks)
  • Comparison of different workflow versions against each other

Get in Touch

We will be happy to demonstrate the advantages of the Workflow Visualizer for your company. The tool also offers an additional module which depicts all available workflow elements that will be available for a role, based on your access security settings. This feature will allow you to perform a fast visual verification of whether your roles have been assigned all the necessary workflow rights and thus enable you to ensure the consistency of your security parameterisation in a simple and easy way.